The pubs won’t open ‘till Christmas,

It’s true, we’ve just been told,

It’s definitely not fictitious,

As it was said by Michael Gove!


So, here we are, safe at home

Enjoying a tipple or three,

Sipping slowly and quite alone,

Our very own licensees!


It’s time to take it on the chin,

And create our in house pub,

Named, so aptly,  ‘The Staying Inn’

It will be our central hub!


The excitement now, is unsurpassed,

There’s a dartboard on the wall,

A juke box order is being despatched,

And a pool table for the hall!


There’s crisps and peanuts on the bar,

And menus on the table,

‘Alexa’ is a superstar,

Playing everything she’s able.


There’s special offers all around,

‘Don’t buy one, get four free’,

No need to get a double round,

As there’s only thee and me!


Welcome to ‘The Staying Inn’,

The bed and breakfast’s free en gratis,

At last orders, there’ll be a lock in,

So time for a bit more practice!


Yet still, I’m wishing for Christmas,

When the doors are open wide,

And everyone’s back in business,

All of us standing, side by side! X


Lorraine Weightman

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