Every day I learn something new,

That rattles round in my head,

The words – they’re not misconstrued –

Instead of prayers, they’re said in bed.

Stay home – I am, stay safe – that too!

protect the NHS – save lives!

Obliged to do my best, that’s true,

I’m trying to be organised.

I go for a walk just once a day,

not very far from my home,

remembering to stay two metres away,

From any human who’s out alone!


I only shop for essentials,

like milk and bread and wine,

On occasion, I buy some lentils,

and, if I feel a bit inclined –

some nails, to hang my credentials,

but I’m not allowed the paint,

it’s not classed as fundamental,

so I guess I’ll have to wait –

to creosote the garden fence,

or smarten up the yard.

Hang on a sec, there’s something else,

now  – they’re talking about the ‘R’


Apparently we have to get it down,

Keeping ‘R’ below number one,

We can’t let the ‘R’ rebound,

It must be held, and caught and stunned!

I’ll find out about it, later on,

as Test and Track and Trace,

are trending on The News At One,

ready for me to embrace.

It’s good to know what’s going on,

to see when things are happening,

If only I hadn’t eaten those scones,

I wish my curves were flattening!


Now they’ve gone and got an app,

To make sure we do things right,

Where we’ve been, and where we’re at,

It’s trialing on The Isle of Wight.

Download it now, it’s there for free,

So safe and quite informal,

And soon everyone of us will be,

Back to the old, ‘new’ normal!


Lorraine Weightman

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Lorraine Weightman
Lorraine Weightman who regularly writes a monthly memoir telling of her days growing up in Consett has just published 2 books in conjunction with Firefly New Media Uk, which share 24 stories that were originally seen in Consett Magazine over the past few years. https://www.facebook.com/consettstories/


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