I started riding at eleven years old when my Mam and Dad bought my first scooter for Christmas five years ago.

Riding scooters really helps me with my anxiety and every time I get on my scooter, I feel like I’m away from all my problems. Riding really gives me a sense of freedom, I feel like I can be myself and not be hassled for it.

The lockdown really affected me because I just sat at home and played games. I’d sometimes find myself falling asleep at 7am and waking up at 5pm. So, when the rule of six was later introduced I took the opportunity to get back out on my scooter.

“Now that I’m back on my scooter, I can’t see myself getting off it any time soon, unless I break another bone!”

You can find me on Instagram by searching, “John_Atherton69” – if the people of Consett would like to see more images of me and my friends pulling off some sweet tricks in the local area.

One of my good friends Jacob helps me to run a Consett action sports instagram account to show Consett’s best, we call it “Consett_actionsports” and I also run a YouTube channel “JPMedia” where I post videos of me riding.

Photos are by: “andrew_merritt1” on Instagram

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