Hundreds of people enjoyed reminiscing about Consett past, with photographs and artefacts which were available to the public from 9th-11th February.

The event took place at Consett Heart and was organised by the committee which is made up of Ryen Huntley, Damian Huntley and Brian Harrison. They were supported by local artists and businesses to create the event which also boasted an art exhibition.

Artists contributing to the exhibition included Debbie Todd, Darren Cairney, Glenn Malpass, Bernard Nixon, Mary Patterson, Vaila Somerville and Phil Bartle, Ryen Huntley, Damian Huntley and Brian Harrison.

This event was the first that has been ran by the centre, who also host regular art and craft sessions, creative writing workshops and games evenings.

Reflecting on the event, Consett heart commented ‘To us it shows that Consett Heart can be a true centre for the heritage and arts, not only for our area but region wide and in time further afield’.

By Debbie Todd.

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