Team Building Exercises and Activities
Team Building Exercises and Activities

Team building activities are a key part of building a successful business in Consett. Benefits of team building include improved communication and trust, as well as increased motivation and better morale.

Team building activities can also help you uncover the strengths and weaknesses of your team, identifying areas for potential improvement and allowing your team to demonstrate their talents and skills. They’re also a great way to identify and improve leadership qualities in team members and to encourage your team to think creatively to solve problems or accomplish tasks.

Here are some ideas for team-building exercises and activities to try with your team.

Workplace Games

Games are a fun way to encourage team working and build working relationships between members of your team. Putting people into groups, particularly alongside others they may not interact with during a typical day, means that they’ll need to form fast friendships and work together to win, strengthening their bond.

Try to keep games lighthearted and unrelated to work so that they don’t feel like an extension of the working day or extra work in disguise! Indoor or outdoor scavenger hunts work well or opt for simple games like charades, copycat, or Pictionary that everyone is familiar with and can be easily adapted so everyone can join in.

Explore the City

Get outside the office and start exploring the town, city, or area where your business is based. Taking your employees outside their usual working environment will disrupt normal patterns of thinking and encourage employees who don’t usually sit next to each other or work in a team together, to interact and get to know one another.

You could also arrange for your team to take the train into another city, as travelling with others is a great way to form and strengthen bonds and allows people to get to know one another on a deeper level, which can translate to better, more rounded interpersonal relationships at work.

Weekend Brunches

You don’t always need to come up with specific tasks or activities to team-build, a social occasion can work just as well at boosting morale and strengthening bonds. Whether it’s a bottomless brunch or other social events, such as a trip to the races or the seaside.

You could also hold seasonal activities throughout the year to enable team building, such as picnics in the summer, fancy dress parties at Halloween, or a festive outing in the lead-up to Christmas.

Group Activities 

There are lots of great group activities that double as team-building exercises. Escape rooms are a great way to get everyone working together, thinking outside the box, challenging themselves, and having a laugh. You could also try laser tag in teams, paintballing, ziplining, or other outdoor activities like treetop rope courses or even survival skills like bushcraft!

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