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‘Consett in Focus’ Documentary Photography Group. Credit: Chris Bruce

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Ashfield and Briary Allotments Association

The members of the Ashfield and Briary Allotments Association are busy preparing the ground for a new season. There are over 30 allotments on the site and the gardeners are a very varied group of people, ranging from those who grow flowers and vegetables for the show to families encouraging their children to become involved in growing their own. Growing your own fruit and vegetables has always been very popular but has become even more important in these days of rising food prices. The allotments tend to be so productive that the families and neighbours of the gardeners also benefit. Looking after an allotment gets rid of many of your everyday worries, replacing them with concerns about carrot root flies and cabbage white butterflies!

Greencroft Netball Club

Greencroft netball club has been going for approximately 38 years, during this time it has met under a variety of names and in a variety of venues, starting at Stanley then Consett leisure centre, Blackfyne School, Consett Academy but they are currently training in North Durham Academy, to accommodate over 5 hours of training every Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

The club started with 2 senior teams and has continued to grow over the years, they currently have 9 teams (juniors and seniors). The club is like a second family to many of the girls who have been friends for years and go out socially together.  

Over the years they have won ‘ club of the year’ and ‘junior club of the year’ the seniors currently play both County and Regional level. The club coaches children from 5 years old up to seniors (16 to over 60’s) there is a level for everyone and any ability is supported. 
During Covid times, isolation rules were very strict, which meant keeping the numbers to each session to a small number indoors. However, they are actively recruiting again and welcoming new players into the club. 
They are extremely proud of their friendly orientated club and are largely self-sufficient whilst at the same time they raise money for charities and any members that require their support.

Whether you are into model railways or hooky mat making, board games or sports then let us know and we will try and include you and your activity. 

We want the obvious sports and hobbies but equally the diverse and non-traditional ones. 

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