The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the labour market. Of course, since the vaccination is available, many things have returned to normal.

Yet, some changes remain relevant, for example, the Great Resignation. 

Many professionals are looking for or considering new job opportunities in the near future. If you`re looking to start a new career path or looking for your first job experience, you can search for junior cyber security analyst vacancies on Jooble. In partnership with this job aggregator, we’ve narrowed down the main trends influencing the recruitment process. If you want to know what to expect in this regard, this article is here to help.  

Top Trends for Job Hunting in 2024

Remote Work 

Almost two years of working from home shifted focus from office spaces. Professionals are often interested in remote or at least flexible employment. And it is something labourers have to deal with.

People are now more concerned with their jobs regarding how they spend a third of their time. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, 37% of jobs in the UK can be performed remotely. Also, 45% of professionals claim to switch their jobs because the employer didn’t offer such an opportunity. 

Flexible Cooperation

Another similar trend has to do with the rising number of different types of employment. Not everyone is interested in full-time commitments. A lot of specialists choose project work, freelancing, or independent contracts. 

Nowadays, it is much easier to have a flexible schedule and look for more options. The ability to perform tasks online offers more prospective long-distance labourers. It also increases the chances of finding a better salary. 

Higher Standards

The study done by Indeed shows that 92% of participants realized that life is too short for a job they are not happy with. This is one of the main contributors to the Great Resignation. Specialists are looking for more meaningful opportunities. 

Job seekers are not willing to settle for less than they expect. It comes in terms of benefits, salaries, brand identities, and personal interests. So it is a perfect time for those searching to negotiate their terms from a strong position. 

Booming Industries

Of course, some industries have suffered more from this pandemic than others. But there are also those that, on the contrary, gained momentum. One can explore a more comprehensive set of options when looking for the job of their dreams. 

The booming industries for 2024 will be: 

  • Software development; 
  • Digital marketing and SMM; 
  • Support of logistics; 
  • Human resources; 
  • Production and manufacturing; 
  • Cyber security. 

Changes to Offices

Many professionals will return to offices anyway. Yet, they will probably look different from pre-pandemic times.

First of all, there is more focus on hygiene and safety guidelines. Social distancing, masks, and constant disinfection are a new norm. 

Secondly, new office buildings will be adapted to flexible schedules and safer yet ergonomic common spaces. 

Further Automation

Automation using AI, IoT, AR/VR is not a new trend. But it stays relevant and gains more traction in 2024.

Many mundane tasks will be automated, from production processes to managerial functions. For example, requests, approval, and scheduling will be automated.

Many steps in recruitment and human resources will be automated as well. More and more companies use ATS bots to filter resumes. It means that job seekers need to overcome such software tools using proper formatting and keywords. 

Ethical Brand Building

Specialists are also more concerned with what values an organization has. It should align with their personal beliefs and values. Young professionals expect a brand to have a strong position on social or environmental issues. 

No one wants to work for a dehumanized corporation anymore, which shifts the brand-building strategy. 

In Summary 

In 2024 many people are looking for better opportunities in terms of careers. It is a good time to explore what the market offers in terms of flexibility, salary rates, and benefits. 

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