Moorside Pharmacy, a valued NHS community asset in Consett, County Durham, has changed hands. The transaction, brokered by Christie & Co, was finalised on April 30, with the terms of the sale remaining confidential.

Located in Moorside, near the boundary of Northumberland, the pharmacy operates within a shared building that also houses a small GP surgery. This strategic location, coupled with the pharmacy’s operational model, has made it a critical healthcare provider in the area.

Moorside Pharmacy, operational since 1995 under the ownership of Rachel Hurst, dispenses an average of 3,200 NHS items monthly. Hurst, deciding to scale back her business commitments, introduced the pharmacy to the market to focus more on her other operations in Consett and Crook.

The pharmacy’s new proprietor, Monju Miah, a locum pharmacist (A Locum Pharmacist normally works independently for various pharmacies, mainly dispensing and managing medications.), intends to maintain a hands-on approach to managing the facility. Miah is eager to enhance the pharmacy’s role within the community by introducing additional services aimed at better serving local healthcare needs.

Karl Clezy, Director of Pharmacy at Christie & Co, noted that the sale primarily attracted first-time buyers due to its affordability and the appealing prospect of a lifestyle business, given its 30-hour operational week. Despite the limited hours, Clezy is confident in the pharmacy’s continued success, bolstered by its convenient location within the surgery building.

Craig Dickson, director at Christie Finance, who assisted in arranging the funding for the purchase, remarked on Miah’s extensive experience in the pharmacy sector.

Monju is looking forward to becoming a more integral part of the community and enhancing the pharmacy’s services

said Dickson.

This acquisition represents a new chapter for Moorside Pharmacy and also underscores the ongoing dynamism within the local pharmacy sector, highlighting the critical role these establishments play in supporting community health.

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