At the rear of a Consett terraced house, lies a busy little workshop filled with tools, old and new. Some were passed down from family and some were more recently acquired. Tools for creating, making and customising gold and silver jewellery. This is the workshop of Lulu & Charles, a Consett jewellery business that has been running for almost ten years. 

It takes a great eye for detail to design and create beautiful jewellery and husband and wife team Ashley and Jayne certainly have that, as well as a great sense of humour and plenty of compassion. Jayne’s father was in the jewellery business, and the creation of Lulu and Charles was natural after he retired.

Jewellery can be emotional, particularly if it’s a piece that has been inherited or if Jayne is designing a piece of memorial jewellery. Sometimes it’s not about making something new but mending or adapting something that holds a lot of memories.

It’s a busy workshop with lots of different orders on the go. The couple are passionate about all things jewellery as they juggle business and family life in the town that they love.

Images and story supplied by Sarah Loveland, Consett in Focus

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  1. Ashley crafted a silver ring for my daughter to remember her grandad by and she was over the moon. The craftsmanship and service was second to none. Thanks again to you both.


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