Go North East Bus Strike Continues as Talks Collapse

The Go North East bus strike shows no signs of abating as talks between the company and the union representing the striking workers have collapsed. The strike, which began on Monday, has caused significant disruption to bus services across the region, leaving thousands of commuters stranded and frustrated. With negotiations reaching an impasse, both sides seem unwilling to budge, prolonging the strike and exacerbating the inconvenience faced by the public.

Talks Collapse, Go North East Bus Strike Persists

Despite several rounds of negotiations, talks between Go North East and the union have collapsed, leaving the bus strike to continue unabated. The strike, which was called by the union in response to proposed changes to working conditions and pay, has resulted in widespread disruption to bus services in the region. Commuters have been left stranded, and forced to find alternative means of transportation, and businesses have suffered as a result of reduced footfall.

The collapse of the talks comes as a blow to both the company and the striking workers. Go North East had hoped that a resolution could be reached through negotiations, avoiding the need for a prolonged strike. On the other hand, the union had been optimistic that their concerns would be addressed and their demands met. However, with both sides unable to find common ground, the strike is set to continue, causing further inconvenience and frustration for the public.

As the Go North East bus strike enters its second week, the collapse of talks between the company and the union has dashed hopes of a swift resolution. With no end in sight, commuters and businesses in the region are left to bear the brunt of the ongoing strike. The disruption caused by the strike highlights the importance of effective communication and negotiation between employers and employees to prevent such situations from escalating. As the strike persists, it remains to be seen how long it will take for a resolution to be reached and for normal bus services to resume.

Also in addition to Go North East bus strike: Drivers with the First Bus group in Glasgow, Scotland have voted to take strike action too. More than 1,200 drivers voted to strike in a dispute over pay. The week-long action is due to begin on 24 November. Their union, Unite, said 99% of those members who voted backed the strike, on a 77% turnout. The drivers previously rejected a pay offer, saying it fell below the pay levels of other drivers across First Group’s other UK operations. FirstGroup is based in Aberdeen and operates bus and rail services throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company more than doubled its profits to £82.1m in the last financial year.

Earlier this week we reached out to the Consett (North West Durham) MP Richard Holden for an update on the situation but have yet to get a response. Richard Holden was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Transport on 28 October 2022. Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Roads and Local Transport). According to the government website, Richard Holden has responsibility for: roads and motoring, including DVLA, DVSA, VCA regions and devolution, local transport, including buses, taxis, light rail, union connectivity, haulage, Future of Freight, London (incl. crossrail, Transport for London), and accessibility (cross-cutting responsibility).

We also reached out to Go North East’s parent company the Go Ahead Group for comment and received the following:

“The Go-Ahead Group is a devolved business and discussions with unions take place at a local level. Nevertheless, we support the approach being taken by Go North East’s management and we consider the offer of a 10.3% pay rise, on top of a 10% rise a year ago, to be a compelling one.

We hope for the sake of local businesses and the community the situation can be rectified, so more damage isn’t done to the regional economy and the wellbeing of the local community which relies on vital local transport.

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