Creating the Perfect Cosy Christmas Home for Your Family
Cosy Christmas

Christmas is a time of year when feeling comfortable and cosy is essential. After all, the fire (or radiator) should be delightful even when the weather outside is frightful.

Let’s look at a few of the techniques that might help us to create a perfectly cosy Christmas at home!

Getting the decorations right

A few choice decorations can help us to make the home feel truly festive. Fairy lights are an obvious choice. Having them in many different colours is a classic choice, but nowadays, most of us tend to prefer either cold or warm white. For a cosy effect, warm colours tend to work best – since they replicate the sunlight and firelight that we’re naturally adapted to find reassuring.

Other decorative elements might draw from the natural world. A few pine cones, branches, wreaths and twigs might all make a big difference, if they’re positioned in the right locations around the home. Doorways, bannisters and sofas all make suitable locations. Don’t forget the mistletoe!

Keep everything warm

It’s difficult to feel truly cosy if you’re cold. The easiest way to get this effect is by simply turning up the heat. But this can be expensive, and it’s a bit of a missed opportunity, too. Wrap up warm underneath a blanket, while wearing a suitably festive jumper. The right warm drinks can also be helpful. 

A good selection of Christmas teas, mulled wines, and festive hot chocolates all make a difference. You can add extra festive ingredients to whatever your preferred beverage is. Cinnamon, star anise, nutmeg and brandy all work nicely in hot drinks of every sort.

Make sure that there are blankets available for everyone, and that no one is going to be feeling cold when snuggled up on the sofa. If you have any draughts sneaking into the house, perhaps via doorways and windows, then now is a good time to fix them. As well as making the space feel more comfortable, the effort will help you to save money over the festive season.

Going DIY

If you’re going to make your Christmas feel truly personal, then you’ll need to do a little bit of extra work and create a few DIY decorations. This is where you can showcase those creative instincts and your hands-on skills. Whether you’re a woodworker or a textile expert, you can surely come up with something that’s personalised for you. 

Stockings, baubles and wreathes are all excellent fodder for craftspeople. You can go as ambitious or as straightforward as you like. Try to work in personal themes, photographs and nicknames. That way, your household will feel the spirit of the season – and you’ll save on money that might otherwise be spent on mass-market decorations.

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