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Welcome to December in Consett, As we wrap up warm, let this edition of Consett Magazine bring a touch of warmth and cheer to these frosty days.

In the heart of Blackhill, a touching scene unfolds at the bowling green. A photo captures young allotment group members presenting a handcrafted planter to the Blackhill Bowling Group. This planter, a creation of Derwentside College, is not just a gift but a celebration of the Bowling Group’s centenary, symbolizing the vibrant community spirit in Consett.

This month, we’re thrilled to feature “Consett in Focus,” a photography initiative that beautifully showcases our town’s spirit and heritage. We start with the Consett and District Golf Club, where Chris Bruce reveals its century-long history set against the majestic Derwent Valley. It’s a journey through time, capturing the essence of golfing tradition.

The focus then shifts to George Ledger‘s portrayal of working equitation at ‘North East Working Equitation Training’. Vivien Whitfield and Caroline Howlett’s skill and passion for this elegant sport are vividly captured, offering a glimpse into this harmonious blend of tradition and skill.

David Leck then takes us to the heart of the recent triathlon at Derwent Reservoir. His narrative and visuals dive into the action, showing athletes braving the elements in a test of endurance, embodying the resilient spirit of the Consett community.

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