Consett based glass and fabrication specialist Dellner Glass Solutions process complex glass shapes and compositions for a wide variety of markets and industries. Laura McVickers, HR Manager, asked three of the most recent new starters, Mark Absalom, Colin Carr and Tommy Wilkinson, about their experience joining the Company. Their response was unanimously positive! They admitted that it can be nerve wracking working with glass, but the training and help from colleagues is good and it’s all about building your own confidence. They said the Supervisors are very supportive and they feel like they can speak openly to anyone. Tommy commented that his weekly one-to-one meetings with his Supervisor was a good opportunity to put his views across, especially because as a new starter it might be hard to do this in front of his colleagues at the shift briefings. Colin said the weekly text messages from the Company to check in on progress were a nice touch to make him feel welcomed.

They all said they would recommend Dellner Glass Solutions as a good place to work and people should jump at the chance to come for an interview. Mark is excited about the wide variety of jobs which keeps the day interesting with the possibilities to learn new things and this is the best move he had ever made!

David Anderson, Production Manager, is responsible for recruiting and training the new staff. He explained that people don’t always need to have previous experience from the glass industry or to have even worked in a factory before. “My Supervisors and team have lots of experience to take new starters through our focussed training plan. I look for people who want to learn something new and Mark, Colin, Tommy and all our new starters are proof that our training programme works well; we can recruit people either with a lot of experience or no experience. It’s a team effort and every person in the Company works together to welcome a new member of staff. I am proud to have worked for the Company for 20 years and I’m excited that we are recruiting because we are growing and investing in our business”.

If this sounds exciting to you then Dellner Glass Solutions would be pleased to hear from you. Vacancies are advertised on their website or you can send your cv to

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