Dear Consett Community

As we embrace the early signs of spring, Consett continues to shine with stories of innovation, unity, and resilience. March in Consett is not just about the changing weather; it’s a testament to our community’s enduring spirit and the new beginnings taking root among us.

A Vision for Consett’s Heritage – Page 5

Inspired by the profound impact of Ray Lonsdale’s sculptures, a local initiative led by John Fox seeks to celebrate Consett’s rich industrial heritage. This project aims to commission a sculpture that embodies the spirit and toil of our steelworkers, a fitting tribute to the town’s legacy.

Embracing the Elements – Page 6 & 7

Lorraine Weightman’s reflections on Consett’s windy disposition offer a poignant reminder of our town’s unique character. From battling gusts on the way to school to the communal efforts in recovering from storms, her narrative captures the essence of life in one of England’s highest market towns. As we face the challenges of a changing climate, stories like Lorraine’s remind us of the importance of community solidarity and the shared experiences that bind us together.

Local Innovations – Page 12

Highlighting the ingenuity within our community, we’re proud to feature The Tea Enthusiast, a local company in Dipton, which is putting Consett on the map with its exquisite selection of loose leaf teas. This venture not only showcases the entrepreneurial spirit thriving in our area but also adds a unique flavor to our local culture.

A Community That Plays Together – Page 19

Finally, the invitation from Consett Bridge Club is a warm reminder of the social and intellectual joys found in traditional pastimes. Whether you’re a seasoned player or curious newcomer, the club offers a welcoming space for connection and leisure.

Looking Forward

As we march into spring, let’s continue to nurture the seeds of community, creativity, and care that make Consett a remarkable place to call home. Your stories, achievements, and initiatives are what make our magazine truly special. We encourage you to share these gems with us as we collectively write the next chapter of our town’s story.

Warm regards,

Barry Kirkham, Marco Elsy, and the Consett Magazine Team

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