Transformed: Karen Storey's Journey to Freedom and Worthiness
Karen Storey

It has been two years since Karen Storey made a decision that completely changed her life and made her feel “free and worthy”.

The support worker had been living with low mood, anxiety, a lack of self-confidence and self-worth. And she even avoided social situations due to the way she felt.

But during a routine appointment with her GP, she received a stark warning that has since helped her improve her life

“They told me if I didn’t do something about my weight it could very easily start to be detrimental to my health, putting me at greater risk of things like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. I knew I was overweight, and it was already having an impact on my knees and back, but these were stark warnings to hear.

The 50-year-old, from Stanley

At the time Karen weighed 17st 4.5lb and wore a dress size 24 and how she felt about her appearance caused her to avoid social situations. She would struggle to tie her shoelaces and when she did go out she found that she would get out of breath easily.

“I felt lonely, very low, and sad keeping myself indoors as much as possible. If on rare occasion I’d go out, I’d sit in a corner hiding away. I’d never get up and dance or socialise with others I was just a body in the corner.

Mum-of-one Karen

On January 5, 2022, Karen joined her local Slimming World group in Consett. She felt worried and nervous about whether her effort to lose weight would be successful.

But now she celebrating over one year at her target weight after losing a whopping 7st and slimming to a size 10. Karen lost 4.5lb in her first week at the group and on Christmas Eve 2022 she reached her target weight of 11st 1.5lb – one week before her one-year anniversary of joining Slimming World. And continued to shed the pounds, now weighing 10st 4.5lb.

“Since my weight loss I’m a totally new woman who loves life and lives it to the full, going out often in social situations and I’m the first one up on the dance floor. My energy and confidence are the best they’ve ever been and I truly believe in myself now for the person I’ve become and should have always been.”

“I’ve gone from someone who avoided social situations, who couldn’t walk without being out of breath and who struggled to fasten my laces, to someone who actually enjoys being out walking and looks forward to events, occasions and social gatherings.”


Karen, who was voted Miss Slinky 2022, said that she knew one of her biggest challenges during her weight loss journey would be changing her mindset around food and activity. She had always struggled with food and had found herself dieting on and off with different diet plans.

But with the support from her group and consultant Dawn Ferguson Karen says she has discovered a “new way to live my life and enjoy it in a way I didn’t before”.

Karen Storey

“Before Slimming World I had a lot of takeaways and wouldn’t think anything of having a quick crisp sandwich. But they never really filled me up. Now I make healthy filling meals and its actually cheaper”, she added.

Karen said she enjoys making meals in her air fryer and still gets to enjoy pies and quiches “usually served with a big portion of chips”.

Karen said she enjoys making meals in her air fryer and still gets to enjoy pies and quiches “usually served with a big portion of chips”. She also loves that her son is happy to eat the meals she makes when he visits.

“When I think of the person I was when I joined Slimming World to the person I am now it is amazing the difference, to know I inspire others is incredible. I feel really proud to be part of Slimming World and to have made changes that I now feel are just what I do without thinking.

“Losing the weight has changed everything about my life. The difference to my health is huge, I’m fitter and healthier, my knees and back no longer ache. But more than that, my mental health has improved significantly. I love the way I feel now, I feel free and worthy. I truly believe I will stay exactly like this with my new lifestyle forever.”

“I could not have achieved this without the support of Dawn and the group. There are so many members that have inspired me along the way and Dawn is an amazing lady who is always there for us. I really just want everyone to know just what is possible, even when you might not believe it for yourself.”


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