Hey there guys, BuZZila again, resident DJ on Nova Radio North-East 102.5fm, Vibe FM (Dublin), I-mmersion Radio (Scotland), and a DJ at such events as Goodgreef, Happy Vibes, Blueprint, SWEET, Electronic Odyssey & Oxjam Festival.

Also an eager advocate of both Type 1 Diabetes and Parkinsons Disease.

Electronic music is my thing, but as you will probably know, Trance especially, all kinds of it, particularly the iconic Trance classics, 90s floorfillers, timeless anthems and more.

Played Alongside some huge names very recently, including Sam Jones, Cally, Andy Kelly, Stu Lane, MC Shocker, Kinetica, DJ D-Willz, Thallom, Reklus & many more.

I also run the Buzzin’ Records Ltd music label and have played at a number of venues including World Headquarters, Digital Newcastle, The Globe, Stereo Club, Zombie Shack (Manchester) and The Mash House (Edinburgh). I’m a former resident DJ in Ibiza during the summer of 2017 and have appeared on many radio stations around the world including Vibez Live (South Africa), Groove City Radio (Edinburgh), Irish Trance Family and also TranceTechnic Radio (Glasgow), and in various magazines doing interviews, including this one. Also had a few features with a number of brands, including DNA Clothing, Wasted Heroes, Beck & Hersey and more. Also recently an ambassador for Love Music Hate Racism North-East, and played a fundraising gig in memory of my late wife, Paula, raising money for the amazing St Cuthbert’s Hospice. 

Now, 2023 was a big one, especially with my first UK-wide tour, and now it’s getting even bigger in 2024. I have now joined Inertia Events (Newcastle), Audasmic (Leeds), SWEET (Newcastle), and Celtic Tribe (Wales) as a resident DJ, and have plenty more big events coming up, including Ground Zero, Seriously Uplifting, Psylings, Bounce Back To The Oldskool, and lots more. In terms of my independent North-East based record label, Buzzin’ Records Ltd, we now have our music in HMV (Eldon Square, Newcastle-upon-Tyne) and so we can finally say we have our own music in a high street store. A big shout out to the North-East’s own Marq Electronica, Jake Major, and Dan Hutch, who are signed with us, and also to Ireland’s own SONIC, and DJ Fabio, who have released music with us as well. Cheers guys!

A big shout out to We Are Buzzin’ / 9 Point (run by my good friend and media director, Brandon Thirlwell, who recently released a mini-series titled ‘Behind-The-BuZZ’. Also a massive thank you to everyone for their continued support, including Chris, Andy, and Luke, who help out in various ways across events, tours & more. Don’t forget that you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, SoundCloud, Spotify & lots more. A shout out to the businesses who have supported me such as Phoenix Turkish Barbers, Consett Candy, Edwards Coffee Shop, and more. Thank you also of course to all of YOU lot who have supported me and my dreams in music throughout the years, family, friends & fans one and all! Cheers, JB x”

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