A cheerleading club from Consett, the Derwent Valley Allstars, has returned from Florida with a silver medal after remarkable performances in the US. The Under 16 Level 1 team, ‘Royalty,’ competed at ‘The Summit’ and finished second in the world. Meanwhile, the Senior team, ‘Reign,’ placed an impressive 16th at the IASF Cheerleading World Championships.

Rising Stars from Leadgate

Founded in 2010 by programme owner and director Ashleigh Sowerby, Derwent Valley Allstars (DVA) is based in Leadgate, just outside Consett. The younger team, Royalty, represented the UK in the international competitions this April after earning a bid following last year’s near-miss. Competing against teams from the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe, Royalty advanced to the finals and secured a silver medal, placing second out of 38 teams.

Coaching Excellence

Primarily coached by Erin Munn and Jaz Newton, Royalty’s success has bolstered DVA’s international reputation. Ashleigh Sowerby expressed her pride, saying:

“I wasn’t sure if missing out on finals last year would be a negative or positive for the girls, but they have used it to motivate them and have been so focused and determined to reach that goal this year. It’s a dream come true to be putting little Consett on the map in such a big way at an international event.”

Erin, an athlete at DVA for over 10 years, and Jaz, a coach since 2018, have been instrumental in pushing the programme to new heights. Their dedication and expertise have been key to the teams’ achievements.

International Success

In addition to Royalty, the International Small Open Co-Ed team ‘Reign,’ consisting of 16 athletes aged 15-29, competed for the second year at the IASF Cheerleading World Championships. Reign placed an incredible 16th overall, competing against hundreds of teams from around the world.

Coaches Jaz and Ashleigh remarked:

“We are overwhelmingly proud of the success of this team and it’s been an honour to be part of their journey this season.”

Future Ambitions

Ashleigh Sowerby shared the club’s ambitions for the future:

“We want to explore more international opportunities, as well as regional and national competitions, to give these young people as many experiences as we can. We will continue to dip our toes into the world of international cheerleading and I am so proud and thankful to everyone who has been involved in bringing us this success.”

With their recent successes, the Derwent Valley Allstars are poised to continue making waves in the cheerleading world, showcasing the talent and determination of Consett’s young athletes.

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