Today, Everything Everywhere launched their 4G mobile internet across various parts of the UK in an attempt to help renovate Britain into having a thriving digital economy.  This technology has been widely available in the US and other technologically advanced countries for some time now but as of today it is being progressively rolled out across the UK. By the end of 2012, Newcastle will be a city where you can access this new, faster mobile internet if you have the correct hardware at your disposal.

4G Mobile Internet – The Cons

It’s great to see that this new technology is now being introduced to the4g mobile internet Graphic UK as it will provide you with roughly five times faster mobile internet than that which can be attained by than that which can be attained by 3G handsets such as the iPhone 4s and other older handsets. Unfortunately there are some issues with the service which has gone live today. The number of handsets which can use the new 4G network is rather small. Two of the main 4G phones available are the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, both of which carry a substantial price tag. This means to begin with many people may be priced out of the service until these handsets drop in price and the technology becomes more widely available.

Another question which must be asked about the new 4G mobile internet service is the distribution of the service. To begin with there will be 16 cities across the UK which will gain the service by the end of the year but experts say that it could take all the way until 2014 for 98% of the country to be covered by the service. This means that here in Consett, we may have to wait a bit longer to enjoy this fantastic new technology. Is it really fair that certain areas are being left till it seems fit to be upgraded to this service? Should it not be a universal roll out rather than prioritising certain areas?

4G Mobile Internet – The Advantages

On the other hand, the introduction of 4G mobile internet to the UK can only be seen as a good thing. Its increased speeds will help business on the move for smart phone and tablet users who will be able to send files, upload and much more with increased ease. This can help reduce the risk of the UK becoming obsolete within the technology sector.

I still can’t help but think about the situation at the moment concerning the Fibre Optic broadband and how even after a number of years, a large percentage of the UK currently can’t use the service. As long as the 4G mobile internet roll out goes as predicted we shouldn’t have to worry.

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