We are a small group of parents, teachers and a head teacher passionate about improving the quality of primary school education on offer in Consett.New Free School For Consett

There are too few schools in the area judged by Ofsted as good or better.

Those that are good are increasingly over-subscribed and under pressure from new housing developments.

We are aiming to open a free school near the centre of town to cater for the needs of local families in an innovative way.

We will provide a high quality education and affordable childcare from 8am to 5.30pm everyday with holiday times to support working parents and enable them to take advantage of out of season holiday prices without jeopardising children’s education.

If you are interested in securing a place for your child or want to help contact us at info@genesisprimaryacademy.org.uk or visit www.genesisprimaryacademy.org.uk.




By Kevin Dodd

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Chris Brown
Christopher Brown is Consett Magazine's lead journalist. Chris enjoys meeting with a whole host of different people to report on what's happening in Consett, Co.Durham.


  1. Why, if this group claim to want to provide excellent education, are they not doing it within the current structure? It is perfectly possible as is shown all around the country. Do the group want the state to pay for a selective school for a privileged few? If so, they should work in or send their children to the private sector.

    Ofsted is not to be relied upon for judgements about how good/bad a school is.

  2. Surely you secure demand before starting a venture that is not required? And there is no demand. I would never send my children to an elitist venture, seeking to get the cream of the children in the area and leave the rest to flounder. Children have to learn in life that they will be in contact with others who are more or less fortunate than themselves. It’s part of life.
    And I consider some of the comments about other schools to be libelous, so I’d suggest you are careful about what you print.

  3. Competition is good. If another school opened in the are which promoted a higher level of education in any form then it should be welcomed.

    If you are a school teacher or head teacher who wants their school to be better than other schools in the area, then surely more competition is good.

  4. The head of this proposed free school, based on the ideological agenda and whim of Michael Gove, has not provided any lucid case for a new school other than to pass derogative comments on the performance of other schools in Consett. The national education budget is finite and if a free school was to get approval and had its buildings financed it would mean fewer resources for other local schools. It would be interesting to know how and when the ‘local developer’ gave permission for the land at Berry Edge to be used for a free school. ProjectGenesis seem to be unaware of this situation. Of course, if the developer was to support a local state-run school, where all the staff are trained teachers, then local people would approve the move if demand is proven. Local people should assert their rights, attend meetings and stop this kite flyer in its tracks.

  5. There is a spelling mistake on Mr Dodd’s home web page. A promising start. Also, perhaps some understanding of the use of tenses might help?


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