Transparent Phone Screens may no longer be stuff of fantasy after a Taiwanese company called Polyvision unveiled a prototype that may change the design of smartphones as we know it!

The notion of transparent phone screens have long been anticipated as smartphone users are increasingly demanding new design, innovation and features. With the introduction of touchscreen technology and how widespread it has become, one Taiwanese company now thinks it can challenge the norm and introduce transparent phone screens into the market.

Transparent Phone Screens
Transparent Phone Screens

I think we can all say we’re used to our touch-screen phones like the iPhone and Samsung S3 but it would be nice to see something new in the phone industry.

Polyvision have unveiled a prototype that uses very interesting technology called PowerGlass which provides the power for the thin film in the center, the PowerGlass is touch sensitive and as you can see in the pictures the components are clearly visible through the glass, currently technology does not support  transparent phone screens hence they made their own.

Its clearly a prototype and has yet to be refined, but despite that, the demonstration certainly raised some eyebrows.

transparent Phone screen2
transparent Phone screen2

The product is supposed to be ready for mass manufacture by the end of this year and I’m sure we’ll all be keeping a close eye on the likes of Apple and Samsung to see what they have to offer.

Fujitsu did demonstrate a similar idea early last year with a 2 sided OLED touch screen allowing the user to switch sides and control the display from the back allowing for less obstruction by the fingers when operating the device.

We would like to know what you think about this and the progression of the Smartphone market, will transparent phone screens be commonplace? or will this just be another gimmick unlikely to hit the mass market? are they practicle? Please leave your comments and post on our Facebook Page

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