Citizens House 1956

Did you know there is a place in Consett with an interesting and long history which provides a unique space for everything from leisure activities, support groups and training Citizens House 1956events.

Citizens House which is currently located on Station Road was originally situated just next to The Black Horse pub on Front Street. After the Second World War the American Federation of Labour and the Congress of Industrial Organisations generously provided £5000 to set up Citizens House here in Consett. It was through the British War Relief Society of the USA which this money was provided for the express purpose of founding a club for workers in an industrial area. Consett was just the place. The club was the first of its kind with an aim to serve the young citizens of Consett.

Citizens House are currently looking for anyone who may have memories of the original Front Street building between 1948 and the mid 1980s. If you or anyone you do know can remember the original Citizens House then please call 01207 500602. Maybe you can help piece together the history of this fine establishment?

Consett’s Citizens Club currently has a vibrant collection of groups who use the facilities on a daily basis. Although the centre is quite heavily booked up, there is still space if you would like to start your own club or society. If you would like to find out the dates and times of which groups frequent the centre please visit their website at and click on the red events and activities link.

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