This month has been well and truly a busy time for us here at Consett Magazine. The few weeks preceding the final print deadline were running the team into overdrive.July Consett Magazine

I would like to personally thank all of the businesses and contributors who have came forward to help us put out our July edition together. We certainly couldn’t have done this without your input, whether it be financially or creatively (or both).

A special mention goes out to to the lovely 94 year old Mrs. O’Toole, who called us up a few weeks ago. After reading Rod Hicken’s story on the old watch in issue 11, she told us that she can still remember Dobson Gradon’s shop on Derwent St in Blackhill. We very much encourage people to call or email us with stories like this as we endeavour to get the local public involved in Consett Magazine.

As always, we hope you enjoy this month’s mag!

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