Consett has changed a great deal after the closure of the Steelworks way back in the 1980s. The industrial economic life blood was Genesis projectdrained from our small town and it has taken some time to see the green shoots of recovery return to the area once again. This could be partly attributed to The Genesis Project and the funding they have generated for the regeneration of the Consett Area.

Paying tribute to The Genesis Project founders Jack and Caroline Fawcett, a new area of recreational green space is being created in Consett named Fawcett Park. There is no doubt that the £500 million of investment over the years has been highly beneficial but having another recreational area to enjoy can only be a positive thing for the people of Consett.

Alongside this development, The Genesis project is also responsible for the new developments down on Genesis Way. These include the new Tesco store, the new retail outlets alongside the drive-through Starbucks coffee shop. All of these business developments mean that there will be more jobs available in the area for the local Consett community.

Councillor Alex Watson has been involved with the Genesis Project since the beginning back in 1994. He now represents Consett as an independent councillor whilst being a member of The Genesis Project board. He said, “It is fitting that the new urban park, which will host part of the Coast to Coast cycle route, recognises the part played by the Fawcett’s. The new development that people see taking place all around them today has been made possible by The Genesis Project.”

With all of the recent developments in the town centre, there is a real sense of change and it will be amazing to see how things develop in Consett in the near future.

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Christopher Brown is Consett Magazine's lead journalist. Chris enjoys meeting with a whole host of different people to report on what's happening in Consett, Co.Durham.


  1. The regeneration of Consett is great, I cant’ wait for the new shops which means no more trailing to Newcastle or Durham for simple supplies. However, as one of the many that travels out of Consett to work (I travel to Darlington) Consett desperately needs some better transport links for commuters. A daily journey up and down the A68 behind lorries, tractors and caravans in and out of 30mph speed limits is no joy, and having at one time commuted to Newcastle I know that journey is just as bad in rush hour traffic. Highways Agency get your thinking caps on….


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