Set up your business in a new town, bigger than InShops

After the InShops announced it was going in to liquidation, businesses will be left homeless. But is it that the end for these stalls? Maybe not. Darlingtons historic North-East market has invited homeless businesses from the areas of Consett, Thornaby and Bishop Auckland to set up business in the Darlington town centre, to help some businesses affected by the liqudation. Although the covered market only has around seven stalls available, they would still be a huge help for the few businesses in need of a work place.

Darlington covered market
Darlington covered market

Darlingtons historic covered market – which celebrated its 150th anniversary last year – will rent out each of these stalls at a small fee of £60-£70 per week and residents from the InShops will be filling up Darlington’s covered market, by taking the last few empty stalls they have. For any renovations they wish to carryout, various incentives will be offered to them, if they wish – stalls are also a lot cheaper than the outdoor market offering owners trade for six days a week.

Promoting yourself on social media sites would be a fantastic idea if your starting up your business in a whole new place. Also with a huge range of other stalls set in the Darlington town centre – not only in the covered market, but streaching out on to the streets and the outdoor market – now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it would be good for people to know exactally where you are, and there are more than 30 businesses in total set inside the covered market – this is where your business will be set – so promoting your business in and around the Darlington area is a must.

This would be a great opportunity for anyone wanting to expand their business, or start up a whole new one.


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