Act Fast
Act Fast

Act FAST, Consett Stroke Club…

Consett Stroke club provides a caring and stimulating environment for people who have suffered a stroke and for carers – which could be friends or family members. A stroke happens very fast and unexpectedly, they happen around the world at least once per minute. Millions of people that have been affected by this disability have the benefit of a stroke support group. Many stroke survivors live enclosed in their homes because there is no where for them to go and get the support they need.

The stroke club had been set-up to offer advice, support, friendship and fun for people that have suffered from this terrible disability. To help those on the road to recovery, the stroke club will organise social events and campaigning for better services also members of the club will understand what it is like to have a stroke, so this will be a big help for others.

To check for a stroke remember FAST:
F – Face, ask the person to smile, see if their face droops.
A – Arms, ask the person to lift both of their arms high in to the air.
S – Speech, is the person slurring their words when they talk.
T – Time, if any of these occur then act FAST and call emergency services immediately.

Deborah Churcher, Secretary at Consett Stroke Club has asked us at Consett Magazine to advertise them to raise funding for the club as they have none at the moment. So if you have suffered from a stroke or know of someone that has, the contact Consett Stroke Club on 07511278056 or by email The club will help anyone that is need of it, so if you would like to be a part and help get victims get on the road to recovery, give them a call or an email.

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