Yes, this time of year is back again – Valentine’s Day

As it’s Valentine’s Day, Google has produced one of it’s expected doodles to celebrate the occasion. This is an interactive affair and it let’s users put together a small box of chocolates of their other half. If you click the big heart that has a play button in the middle of  the doodle, a chopping board will appear with a variety of different

Love for Valentine's Day
Love for Valentine’s Day

ingredients. From there you will be able to select which treats you want to make your chocolates with.You can mix the chocolate – dark, milk or white – with a central ingredient, for example cherries, raspberries, strawberries or fudge. As well as the inside you can decorate the top, add any topping from walnuts or almonds and what seem to be hundreds and thousands. But what doesn’t seem to make any sense is the ant and the salt shaker… Maybe it’s for a not-so-loved one in your life. Give them a shock on Valentines Day and give them a box of ants. 

Having produced your box of treats – a tricks – for Valentine’s Day to your loved or unloved ones, you can also send a link to them of your gift, and they will be able to explore the contents of your creativity for them selves. Or share your girt through social media such as, Facebook, Twitter and also Google+, if you wish for everyone to see how creative you can really be. But dont forget to buy an actual prezzie or card even, because I don’t think your other half will appreciate all the five minutes time you used up sending a virtual box of chocolates for one of the most loved days of the year, Valentine’s Day.

This would be perfect for people in a long distance relationship/friendship/partnership. Or if you’ve forgotten, why not try this feature on Google and send your loved ones a special gift this Valentine’s Day.

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