Consett Methodist Church are holding an event in mid-march to benefit the Bible Society in the UK and abroad.

‘Sing The Good News Musical’  is a charity concert is to be hosted in Consett Methodist Church on the 15th March, the event is running to raise money for the Bible Society – an organisation which provides bibles to people and groups both in the UK and abroad. The event is planned to begin at 6pm on the Saturday at the church, visitors can expect a combination of both upbeat and positive pieces of music in addition to more thoughtful and sombre creations – both

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of which take extracts from the bible and set them to music.

Choir members from the local area have gathered for several months to prepare and practice for the event which promises to entertain. The concert is going to be conducted by Joyce Shaw, and she will be accompanied by local people  from churches across Consett and the Derwentside region – through the concert it is hoped that additional

funding can be provided to the Bible Society, allowing them to continue their work spreading the word of the Bible throughout the world. The Bible Society was founded in the early 1800s and continued to distribute and operate through the first and second world war.

Piano elements and other instrumentalists will play independently throughout the night as well as participating in group production and playing alongside the choir. Visitors are encouraged to come and help support the Bible Society project. Admission is free for the event and refreshments will be served after the concert has taken place, anyone is welcome to attend and visitors are encouraged to bring family and friends.

The event is taking place at Consett Methodist Church on Saturday 15th March. For more information about the Methodist Church in Consett, please visit their website.

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