Consetts Town limit on parking times

Local councillors have voted on limiting parking in popular places, such as Consett’s Albert Road car park. There have been rumours about traders from Consett demanding restrictions for the main car park on Albert Road for many years.

Car Park
Car Park

Last July, Durham County Council monitored the 157 spaces in Consett’s town centre for two days and on average 90% of the car park was filled by 9am, and 477 vehicles were in and out of the car park on a daily basis. However, there were 121 cars parked for longer than three hours.

Traders say they are losing out because motorists are unable to just pop in to the town centre quickly. The final decision was decided on Wednesday 12th March, there will be a three-hour limit between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday – with no return within an hour.

However, traders say that they will have nowhere to park whilst at work, so the local residents of Consetts town will be forced to have cars displaced onto their streets. In this case shoppers are the main priority, not the workers – this is because there is another four car parks in the Consett town area for the traders to park – as shoppers would prefer to be in close range if they are just doing a quick sweep.

It would be beneficial to build brand new car parks, however Consett does not have the money or the space to be starting up huge projects like that. Although anything that can be done, will be done.

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