Newcastle Falcons

A County Durham Schoolboy is set to run onto the pitch with local heroes Newcastle Falcons.

Following an accident on the rugby pitch last year the schoolboy, James Gray, suffered serious neck injuries and feared he may never walk again. He was playing for his school team at the Royal Grammar School in Jesmond when the accident happened during a ruck.  It was discovered that James had not broken any bones, however several days later his family were told that he had ruptured a ligament in his neck.

He was told that he would have to wear a head brace for at least three months. Following the removal of the head Newcastle Falconsbrace he should start physiotherapy.

James decided while in hospital that he wanted to raise money for charity and so far has raised over £30,000 in seven weeks, with the funds going to the RFU Injured Players Foundation, England Rugby’s official charity. 

The RFU Injured Players Foundation is a charity that assists with a range of factors that occur when a player is injured, this includes handling financial costs and managing local/national media regarding the incident and the player’s family. Raising such a large sum of money for the charity will certainly assist with getting the best help for many injured players in the future – considering James’ injuries it is a worthy and appropriate charity to donate his time and energy towards helping.

James said: “I knew I wanted to do something to help people who had been injured and so I decided to run a mile if I could run again.”

He is going to be the mascot for the Newcastle Falcons when they take on Saracens on Easter Sunday. To find out more about the Newcastle Falcons visit their website.

For more information about the RFU Injured Players Foundation visit their website.

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