Consett media company Firefly New Media have branched out to provide a variety of printing products which almost anyone could take advantage of.

Usually dealing in commercial printing for business, this new range of products can help outConsett Copy Shop anyone in a pinch needing the use of a printer. Image the scene; it’s the day before your big holiday. You need to print out your boarding passes before you go to the airport. All of a sudden, your printer decides it isn’t going to play ball. This is where the Copy Shop at Firefly’s Middle Street office comes in. You can bring along your bills, documents, word files or photos you need printed and they can sort it out.

That’s not all the Copy Shop has to offer with a number of different products and services. If you are looking for a special gift for your loved ones, then why not get a canvas print. By taking your digital photographs and replicating them on canvas, you can get a unique and novel gift which looks splendid hanging on the wall.

Got a stag do on the horizon? Why not get some custom printed t-shirts to make your gang stand out in the crowd. You can get whatever custom designs and text you want to make sure your night goes how you planned.

There is even more services which can be fulfilled such as lamination, vinyl banner printing and much more. To find out more why not call in to the Firefly New Media office at 26 Middle Street to find out more.

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