Hassockfield To Close

Are Fewer Young People Are Being Sentenced To Custodial Sentences? 

The 2015 Closure of Hassockfield Secure Training Centre (STC) in Medomsley, Consett Gets Go Ahead

Justice Minister, Andrew Selous announced to our local MP, Pat Glass the closure of Hassockfield Secure Training Centre today.

Could this be a money saving exercise or is there another reason for local young offenders facility Hassockfield to close?

To add to recent job loses at Phileas Fogg in Consett, the closure of the Hassockfield offenders centre in Medomsley near Consett will mean another blow to local employment.

Hassockfield Secure Training FacilityIndeed, the people who work at these types of facilities are trained to care and educate young people and hopefully re-integrate them back into society as upstanding members of the community. So, what will happen to not only the young people who come here, but the trained staff who will be out of work without alternatives being offered? The reason the staff may not be given alternatives is because the facility is run by a private company, SERCO. This means the government closing the private run facility down will not mean they have to provide alternative employment to the specialist staff who have been trained to run such a training centre.

The official reason the secure training centre for young offenders is closing, is the fact that there are said to be fewer young people being given custodial sentences. So it looks like there are now less young offenders in the UK, but is this true?

This should be good news, the fact there are less young people being sentenced to custodial sentences, however there is a fear there could be young offending people out there who are being sent to much larger and cheaper to run facilities where education and care feature less.

The Hassockfield Young Offenders Facility will close in April 2015.

What do you think about the closure?

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