Apart from its health assistance, wearables are now being considered by many experts as the next tech trend to revolutionize the enterprise sector. Based on a survey by Modis as featured by ComputerWorld, “employees are eager to incorporate wearable devices into their work routines,” where 90 percent of the respondents said they are interested to use this technology to complete their task if their employer provided them one.

Wearable TechnologyWhy You Should Adopt Wearables?
The question that most companies will have to ask themselves before investing or approving these devices to enter their offices is — how can it benefit my business?
1. Innovation
Since it is the newest innovative tech piece on the market today, presenting to your target market your ability to innovate by adopting new tech trends will give you an edge against your competitors. You can also maximize these platforms in your marketing strategies to show to your current and potential clients that you have the capability to be a game changer in your industry.
2. Change Is Your Game
Apart from presenting your ability to innovate, you are also showing your company’s capability to adapt to change. Change is highly important in business, especially in
terms of adopting successful technologies that can make processes more convenient, workloads more efficiently, and provide you with cost-efficient platform for business processing.
3. Employee Motivation
As previously stated in the Modis survey, employees are enthusiastic about the possibility of wearables to enter the office, which motivates them to work even more while on the go. Sixty percent of the respondents said it can help them access data quickly, while 54 percent will utilize it to track their work schedule.


What Do You Need To Consider?
Based on an article by mobility expert Alyson Edmunds, there are three main aspects that businesses must take into consideration before adopting the new devices completely. Similar to smartphones and tablets, wearables will also have to face the same scrutinizing phase before they get accepted by the industry.
1. Privacy
Given the hidden cameras of these gadgets, human resource would have to work with the IT department in updating their mobile usage policy in the office to strengthen the need for company privacy and safety. Take note that they can easily gather sensitive information about the business, especially when recording discussions during meetings.
2. Supply-side Complexity
Given that the devices come with their own operating system and features, companies will have to evaluate first the best technologies and platforms to maximize for productivity purposes. Currently, there are various operating systems available for wearables, namely Android Wear, Tizen, Pebble, LG’s own propriety wearable OS, and Apple OS Wear. This is important to guarantee that everyone is using the same applications for work. Devices are also diverse in appearance and performance, as there are some with round bezel such as the Moto 360 while others have an e – ink screen like Pebble.
3. Security
With the ability to access the internet, it is possible that some employees will browse company server and website via these devices. The data stored in these devices can be highly dangerous for the business once the gadget gets lost, stolen, or hacked. It will be advisable to strengthen the monitoring process if this is the case. Currently, the question of whether companies are ready to adopt wearable technologies will depend on their IT departments’ capability to handle the possible issues they might face once they completely adopt them. However, with the developments on wearable lately, with the release of standalone devices that are able to call, text, or browse the internet even without its paired handset, it is not impossible that the business sector will finally see the benefit brought by these devices to their processes. How do you find smartwatches and smart headset entering your office?

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