What is Mr Mixologist?

Mr Mixologist officially launched in November 2014 the 30th to be exact. Way before that Mr Mixologist was just little old Dan working in a bar serving treble vodkas and a can of Barr pop in pubs in Consett. Over the course of the 2 – 3 years I gradually worked more days and ended up doing a lot of promotions with the managers of a pub, a bar and a night club building up great bar experience and getting to know the nightlife of Consett! Whilst working in a busy bar on Front Street, I ended up creating cocktails… yes cocktails on Front Street (Who’d of thought it?) Now they weren’t anything special, but it gave me the base of making and shaking some delicious cocktails.

I taught myself everything I know to date by reading up online, watching YouTube videos and from this I played around while working behind the bar experimenting with flavours adding creations as weekly specials seeing what people thought of each drink I experimented with. My favourite today date weird concoction was a Willy Wonka themed cocktail called “Mint Fizzlewanger” don’t ask about the name because I don’t really know!

There were a lot of people who loved these cocktails I was making and I was asked to make cocktails at someone’s house for their Ann Summer’s party, so I did and this is where Mr Mixologist snowballed to where it is today, with regular customer bookings each month for The Cocktail Experience; Cocktail Parties in your own home or chosen venue to orders for Mixtails Mr Mixologist’s Hand shaken bottled cocktails!

What is Happening in 2017?

Mr Mixologist is expanding on some of the popular services, with a new and exciting package available, Afternoon Cocktails; a selection of miniature cocktails served up in the style of Afternoon Tea. Quirky Watermelon Iced Tea and Apple Pie served in a Jar it’s the perfect way to celebrate baby showers, an Afternoon get together and even a sophisticated 16th Birthday (alcohol free of course!).

Mixtails are also looking to be the next big thing in 2017, from 500ml freshly shaken bottled cocktails to 50ml miniature wedding and party favours, an upgrade to the usual sugared almonds.

I’m also working alongside the community and will be donating to charitable causes and I’m excited to say that I will be working with Willowburn Hospice on some exciting projects including Win Your Happily Ever After Competition to win a wedding, where I will be donating a Hen Party and a discount toward wedding favours for the final prize.

If all goes to plan you could see Mr Mixologist at local festivals and fairs over the summer, where you can grab yourself some fun cocktails such as the Sweet Shop Daiquiri!

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