Names, BuZZila, I am the newest & freshest up-and-coming electronic music producer, composer, songwriter & DJ coming straight out of the North-East of England.

Recently returned from my month’s residency over in Ibiza, I now also run two record label’s as their founder & CEO, the first is Buzzin’ Records, were we specialise in all forms of electronic dance music, particularly Trance, Hardstyle & Big-Room House style’s of music.

The other is my down-to-earth UK urban music label, DuB_ZillA Records, were we work particularly with the musical genre’s of Dubstep, Drum & Bass & Grime. Both of these label’s have their own social media pages (i.e Facebook, Instagram etc.) & Soundcloud profile’s, which is currently the best place to hear all the latest music & DJ sets from all our artist’s & DJ’s on the label.

I myself also have many social media sites, the two most currently used is my official Facebook page, which will have the details of my own regional tour, endorsed by both my independent music label’s that is now firmly in the planning process & will hopefully be a huge success in the North-East’s music scene & my official Soundcloud profile, which is the best place to hear all my latest music, live DJ sets & gain exclusive access to free downloads that I often release as a thank you to my loyal following.

So please show your support & have your chance at hearing the UK’s next aspiring musician.

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