The Beast from the East certainly made its presence known, bringing with it some of the most treacherous road conditions we’ve seen in years. But this could not deter the people of Consett and surrounding areas, who rallied together to fight it off with a bit of elbow grease and community spirit.

People came out of their warm houses and into the storms and blizzards to help each otherclear the streets, to aid their elderly neighbours and to give cars a push to help them along their way. But it didn’t stop there, as we know there are many examples of people going the extra mile to help others in need or in danger.

Brothers Simon and Barry Cartmell, of the Traveller’s Rest pub in Consett are two such individuals.From the first signs of hazardous road conditions, they stepped up and posted on social media offering their assistance to anyone in need. They have been a vital source of help to many people, ensuring that vital medication was delivered to people in need and elderly and disabled people did not go without food and supplies when they couldn’t get safely out of their homes.

Meanwhile in Shotley Bridge the community came together in operation ‘Get Her to the Church on time’. Dozens of volunteers worked tirelessly throughout Wednesday morning to clear the bank leading to St Cuthbert’s Church in time for the wedding party to arrive. A nice day for a white wedding – and one way to make sure the happy couple will never forget their big day!

Social media has also been used to share invaluable information about the road conditions and advise others on how to stay safe, showing that those who could not help physically were still thinking about others and doing what they could to ensure their safety.

They say we are a friendly bunch up North, and after this week it would be hard to argue. It’s times like these that prove that in Consett we are a force to be reckoned with, and make me so proud of where I come from. I hope that although the weather is – dare I say it – on its way out, we continue to show our generosity and help each other out here and there.Give yourselves a hearty pat on the back, shake hands with a neighbour, high five a dog, celebrate in any way you like, because you are amazing, Consett people!

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