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A very interesting opinion piece was sent to us by Dr. David Taylor, a concerned resident and group leader of over 600 members in Delves Lane & Templetown who oppose the council’s planned development for more housing in the area. The group states that Schools, Doctors, and Dentists are already full and the plan offers little in the way of improving important local infrastructure and services. Read this story on page 10, have your say online in the comment section of this article on or search Facebook Group: ‘Delves and Templetown residents against the planned developments for more information.’

Brian Harrison, your favourite local historian goes back in time to the 19th century to share the story of John Seymour, a local businessman and philanthropist (see page 4-5). Interestingly Lorraine Weightman also goes back in time (although a little more recent than the 19th century) to the 1970s with her piece “Blue Jeans On” where she reminisces about the denim fashion trends of that time.

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