Tickets to take part in Muddy Mayhem – the crazy County Durham obstacle course race – are selling out fast.

The race – which in previous years has seen competitors run through fire and swim through muddy water – is back at Hardwick Park, near Sedgefield, for its fifth year.

The tough but fun challenge is comprised of two events – the 5K run and the 10K. Tickets for the 10K have now, sadly, sold out. There are some tickets left for the 5K, but would-be competitors are advised to snap them up quickly.

This year’s Muddy Mayhem is said to feature elements of rock climbing, military obstacle courses, adventure playgrounds, motocross and horse trials. There will be over 40 obstacles in total, both natural and manmade.

Ross Carrick, a senior parks and countryside ranger, is a member of the team that designed the course. Ross said, “We have come on leaps and bounds from the days of using a few cargo nets, pallets and tyres.”

“We now have structures such as monkey bars, wall walks, mangles and bell ringers. These are complex, large-scale obstacles that need to be well-designed, well-built and – most importantly – safe for everyone involved in the event.”

“The course needs to be well-tested, which always encourages a bit of friendly competition and is good for a few laughs, which is exactly what you’ll have if you take part in the event. Remember, this is no walk in the park.”

Anybody can take part in Muddy Mayhem, provided that they’re over 16 and have a reasonable level of fitness. No one will get left behind as race marshals will be available to help anyone who is struggling with an obstacle.

Muddy Mayhem will kick off at 10.00 am, with runners setting off in waves about every 20 minutes until 2.00 pm.

Tickets for the 5K course cost £43 and registration is open until Wednesday 19th September.

To register, or learn more, please go to or email  

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