Consett Bridge Club is a friendly little club who play bridge at Blackhill Community Centre on Monday evenings and Thursday afternoons.

As always, we welcome new members to join us.
For those who can play the game please turn up five minutes before the session starts; you are welcome to come either individually or in pairs.

For those who have no prior knowledge of the game but are interested in socialising, expanding their memory capacity, learning new skills and enhancing their wellbeing, we are starting a tuition course in March 2020. This course will soon give you the basic skills and enough confidence to come and play with us in regular sessions.

What is Bridge?

It is a card game played by four people, consisting of two teams of two, sitting opposite each other. It is based on the game of whist; the difference being that each pair bid to play the hand.

The unique part is that the partner of the winner of the contract lays their hand face up on the table and the Declarer plays both hands; calling the cards from Dummy, the term given to the hand on the table.

As you can imagine this is what gives the game its uniqueness and appeal. The fascination is that each deal is unpredictable and different from the last. Hence there is always the feeling of newness and excitement surrounding the game.

When introduced to the game it can even keep four teenagers captivated for three hours.

To register interest in joining the tuition course, (times and days to be announced) – Please leave details with Liz Whiting on 01207 659573. More details next month. Consett Bridge Club meet at Blackhill Community Centre: Mondays 6-9pm / Thursdays 12.45 -3.45pm

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