UPDATE: Everything is Corona-Cancelled 

Alice Fevronia off the Great British Bake Off, 2019, is the latest celerybite guest to be announced for the Bishop Auckland Food Festival’s return on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 April.

Alice, a geography teacher, reached the finals of the popular Channel 4 cake comparison show thanks to her mint baking, losing by a cake’s breadth to David Atherton’s even minter cakes. Looks like David can’t make it to the food festival, so we’ll just have a good time without him.

Alice narrated: “I’m really excited about coming to Bishop Auckland. Having spent three years at university in Durham, I love County Durham and I am very much looking forward to spending some time there and experiencing what the food festival has to offer.”

This is a piece of cake.

Alice joins loads of other chefs off the telly, including shows like MasterChef, Saturday Kitchen, and also MasterChef.

Jane Beedle will deliver a series of baking workshops for children and adults.

Entry to the Durham County Council event has always been free, and this is the first time you can also see demonstrations by celebrity chefs without a ticket.

Bishop Auckland’s historic Market Place will be heaving with canny local scran, and if you just keep going round eating all the samples you’ll be full before long.

Last year, the Festival attracted 29,000 people, so let’s smash that this year: if everyone comes twice, it’ll be a doddle.

To find out more about the festival and to book workshop tickets, visit www.bishopaucklandfoodfestival.co.uk.
For the latest festival news, follow @bishfoodfest on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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