I’ve had unusual things happen to me while living in England, Australia and Canada and I wrote my life story for my two sons to learn how their mother, a second female born illegitimate in a small village of ‘holier than thou’ people during WW2, not only survived but thrived.

With encouragement from my family I published my book on Amazon and received my first review: An incredible book. Beautifully written.

Storytelling at its very best. Ms. Shaw makes the mundane magical, the everyday compelling and the ordinary nothing less than extraordinary. In reading “In with Both Feet” I felt I was sitting around the fire – on a cold winter evening – listening to a caring and compassionate person sharing her life’s journey. What a privilege!

Excerpt from my book: Available here

… So here we were, Brian and I, freezing our butts off trying to keep warm by walking briskly along the seashore and back, and we were nearly back to our hotel when I became desperate for the bathroom.
With Brian close at my heels, I ran up the stairs and into the bathroom trying to hurry because he needed to go also.

As I came out, I was re-fastening my coat as I walked so as not to hold Brian up, when a blood curdling, ear splitting, banshee-type wail erupted from the bottom of the stairs below me, “You Slut! You dirty rotten Slut! You’re just like your Mother! I knew you were as common as muck from the first time I saw you.

You dirty rotten Slut! You’re nothing but a Prostitute!”

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