What a year has it been! From the lockdowns in spring to the virtual fashion weeks in fall, the world of clothing and fashion has had its own moments of glory. With the impending arrival of fall there is one thing that seems absolutely clear. This year has brought an influx of exaggerated trends that deserve more attention than the ordinary chunky sweaters and blanket scarves we wear each year.

2020 is the year of celebrating life. It is the period where we cherish the fact that we have survived the first wave of the pandemic through every aspect of our daily choices. From the lives we live to the clothes we wear, every element must reflect your ideology in life.

Keeping that philosophy in mind, here are X trends that welcome fall. From the extravagant designers to fast fashion stores, every outlet is expected to endorse these trends in the coming weeks, so why don’t we give you a heads up!

Equestrian looks
Equestrian clothing has been the leading theme of the virtual fashion week in 2020. From horse prints on leather jackets to blazers cut for an equestrian of the royalty, the theme has garnered a lot of attention this year. While it may seem a bit bold for some, the silhouettes of a horse are very easy to incorporate through subtle imagery in your everyday wardrobe. You can find a trendy leather jacket from Skin Outfits (https://www.skinoutfits.com) and get a rider’s hat to complete the look. Or you can use long boots with a blazer to reiterate the same style. There’s truly no end to the equestrian theme!
Fall Look book: Seven trends that welcome fall fashion
Source – https://www.blue17.co.uk/vintage-blog/vintage-capes/

As the temperatures seem to drop further than the expectations, the need to add a thicker layer for warmth has grown very apparent with each passing day. The best way to keep an outfit chic and the wearer warm is through the use of classic old capes. The capes provide room for versatility and emulate the vibe of sophisticated elegance. After all, there is a reason they are always on the ramp!


Fringes are a little on the rustic side of the fashion spectrum. They garner attention and help the wearer make a statement. Fringes on bags, boots, and even jackets have been trending these years. While this trend may seem like the go-to option for a casual evening out with friends, one must be aware of not overdoing the fringe.
Going overboard with fringes on every clothed surface of your body would seem like an atrocity to an innocent trend!

Opera gloves

Fall Look book: Seven trends that welcome fall fashion

Another hit on the runway this year has to be the opera gloves. From the classic black nets to the opaque fuchsia, the gloves were found in every color on every alternate event. The leather gloves were a favorite of every designer and they have certainly made a new path for the unsung heroines in our everyday life to choose something better than the common black gloves from CVS.
Bubble hems

A trend that has divided the fashion kingdom in 2020 has to be bubble hems. The trend tends to deviate from the age-old concept of accentuating the contours of the body. It preaches the practice of ruffled up hemlines that add more curvature to the body. From mushroom tops to the globular gowns on runways, each variation of the trend can be used in accordance with the event lined up!
Skirt suits
Fall Look book: Seven trends that welcome fall fashion
Suits are a year-round trend around the globe. They have multiple variations available for each season. From the tailored shorts for spring to the skirt suits for fall, there is actually a suit for every reason. The skirt suit is a fall trend that is not only convenient but also very contemporary. It helps you dress up or dress down according to the weather. You can always add a scarf or a longer coat to embellish the look for a windy day outdoors.
Column dresses

Fall Look book: Seven trends that welcome fall fashion

When it comes to formals during the fall, there is a lot of hassle in finding the dress that is perfect in every way. Because fall is the season of layers, you cannot actually go to a formal event wrapped in eighty sweaters, cardigans, and shawls.
This is why the column dresses have been the best shot by a vast majority of designers in the 2020 fashion week. The slinky column dress is the style most suited for petite figures as it helps create the look of mile-long-legs and willowy stature. The column dress has been divided into multiple options such as the sporty designs for athleisure.
The other common characteristic of this year’s column dress design has to be turtlenecks. It is a neckline that screams fall through every knot of the fabric. The column dress can be accessorized with stilettos and shawls to add a touch of high-end fashion from glossy magazines!
Evening dresses with cut-outs
Fall Look book: Seven trends that welcome fall fashion
Another trend that has been observed in fall fashion is the risqué cuts in evening dresses. While fall may not be the best season to show some skin, it is indeed the right time to flaunt the figure you have achieved after hours at the gym.
The fancy cut-outs in evening wear have been highly celebrated in the sphere of fashion icons has indeed continued to rule the season. From asymmetrical sleeves to the unique backless numbers, each one has its own set of pros and cons. But the bottom line is that nothing looks more posh and classic as the cut-out evening dress!
Final thoughts
Fall fashion is a celebration of bold colors and exquisite patterns. It is a combination of practical choices and fashionable elements that culminate in the most unique pieces. Alas, fall is the time of the year where the scenic falling leaves in the windy evenings allow each individual to live the fantasy seen in multiple films and features. We hope that these trends will help you choose the perfect pieces for your wardrobe of the season.

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Sarah is a fashion enthusiast and has the soul of a traveler. Staying atop the fashion trends, styling and grooming are etched in every fiber of her being. Not only that, but she loves to share her thoughts with a myriad of people via her blogs.

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