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Halloween in Glenroyd House this Half-Term

Halloween in Glenroyd House this Half-Term

Due to the Summer of Fun activities during the summer holidays, the parents asked if we would do something similar in the October half-term week.

We asked for help from Derwent Valley AAP for funding to enable us to fulfill the request. So, with their help, we are now able to put on a full week’s activities for the children.

We will have storytelling from Monique, she will be reading stories from The Brothers Grimm book and mask making with the families.

Gemma from Natures Edge will be bringing in creepy crawlies as well as the regular animals (rabbits, chickens, bearded dragon and snakes).

Our other activities will be:

  • Pumpkin Carving.
  • Colouring in pictures of pumpkins to put in the windows.
  • Cake decorating.

Also addressing health eating on budget providing food parcels if required by the families attending from Glenroyd Community pantry.

The event is starting Monday 26th October and runs every day until Friday 30th October 10 am to 2 pm.

Glenroyd House will be following the strict guidelines as instructed by the government regarding Covid–19.

Submission by Sharon Unsworth – Glenroyd House


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