Who hasn’t witnessed a ‘dog poo tree’ while they’ve been enjoying a walk in Consett South?

Little bags full of dog muck, delicately hung on tree branches which do no justice to our area at all. No dog owners enjoy carrying bags of poo and it’s obvious to me we desperately need more poo bins around Consett South – especially along the revamped Heritage Trail.

When there are major effort and funding being put into improving the footpaths and surroundings for residents and visitors to the area it’s such a shame they’re being ruined by piles of dog poo due to the lack of such a simple amenity – BINS. There’s no dog poo fairy who magically appears at night to take the poo away!

We’ve also hot spots for littering, I frequent Hownsgill with my dogs and the car park can be covered in McDonald’s or Starbucks wrappers. The Terris Novalis sculptures near Morrisons are sometimes surrounded by rubbish or broken glass, parts of The Grove and Moorside are notorious spots for fly-tipping and accumulations of rubbish – but we can fix these issues!

Clean And Green - Mark Appleby, Consett South Labour Candidate
Mark Appleby next to poo bin
Some of my really simple ideas are:
  • More bins installed – identify key problem areas for dog fouling and litter
  • Biodegradable spray paint – highlight dog fouling, helps others see it and avoid it. Other local authorities noticed roughly a 70% REDUCTION in dog fouling using this method
  • Poo bag dispensers – biodegradable poo bags installed in dispensers around the ward
  • Education – readily available information so residents know how damaging dog poo and rubbish can be to people and the environment.

These ideas won’t cost the earth and we must look after our surroundings and the environment. As your Labour Councillor for Consett South, I’d be a champion for environmental issues and it’d be an honour to work hard to make sure our ward is a beacon of best practice when it comes to it being clean and green.

Vote Mark Appleby on May 6th

*Submitted by Mary Appleby*

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