Anyone over 18 (no upper age limit!) would be very welcome to join the team of volunteers who go out into the streets of Consett to help and befriend anyone who needs us…

What can we do?

just having a word, helping get a taxi, giving water or flip flop slippers where needed, or even a foil blanket if hypothermia threatens (we don’t give first aid but would call expert help if possible).

Why do we do it?

If your son/daughter, friend or neighbour was in danger or lonely, when a good night out developed problems, then you would be thankful that there was someone to help them. We work in small teams, (never alone) we keep contact with other helpers and we look after each other too, with support from the police and other workers in the night time economy.

What is the reward?

It is NOT financial! We don’t get paid, but we do get encouragement as we are recognised by the revellers and we see the difference that our presence makes during the night time duty.

We are trained, and we mentor new volunteers so why not give it a try? The hours and dates are of your choosing, …come out when you can! You will surprise yourself as to how much fun it is as you help the community….and Consett has gained a good reputation in caring.

New Venture

Covid has highlighted the anxiety, fear and loneliness which exists in our society, and so Street Friends are venturing out into the main shopping areas during day time to show a friendly smile or share a chat with anyone who greets us. We have contacts for agencies which are out there to help anyone feeling lonely, fearful or anxious as we try to get back to normal, despite the consequences of job loss, debt, or hopelessness for the future. Sharing and caring is a good step towards facing the next day and our team would like to be there for anyone who needs us. We need volunteers to help boost the team numbers…why not give it a try?

Contact 505027 for more information Look at Facebook Consett Street Friends.

You’ll recognise us in our bright yellow jackets!!!

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