A remarkable infusion of financial support exceeding £2.5 million is set to revitalize the roads of County Durham.

The Department for Transport has granted Durham County Council a sum of £2.64 million to address the repair and prevention of potholes throughout the county.

This funding injection will fortify the council’s ongoing efforts to resurface and seal road networks, amplifying their effectiveness. Moreover, it complements the existing commitment of nearly £13 million designated for enhancing the condition of the road infrastructure in 2023 and 2024.

The council has outlined its plans for the allocation of additional funding in the forthcoming year as follows:

£1,638,400 will be dedicated to resurfacing approximately 23,300 sqm of the carriageway, encompassing nine schemes situated across various locations within the county.

An investment of £600,000 will be channelled into structural patching spanning 18,000 sqm across the county.

An allocation of £300,000 will be made towards implementing six Micro Asphalt specialist surfacing schemes, covering a significant area of 34,000 sqm.

A sum of £50,000 will be reserved for trial employment of the ‘road mender’ solution, aiming to rectify potholes.

A further £50,000 will be directed towards spray injection patching.

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