Introducing the Consett Area Neighbourhood Forum
Consett Area Neighbourhood Forum

The community of Consett, County Durham is ready to take back control through the creation of a community forum.

Named the Consett Area Neighbourhood Forum, this venture aims to ensure the voices of local people and businesses are heard through the implementation of a Consett Area Neighbourhood plan.

‘we want to live in a place where you can have a say’

explains Consett Area Forum member Niamh McDonald.

The Issue

One of the biggest issues that the town faces is that we do not have a town or parish council representing us. Without such structures in place, we are very vulnerable when it comes to planning issues. Plus, when there is funding available to help regenerate areas, with a Neighbourhood Plan in place, we can identify areas that most need development and amenities, and ensure funding goes to the areas most in need. 

Consett Neighbourhood Plan

This image shows the map presented to Durham County Council as the proposed  Consett Area. We held extensive discussions with regards to the boundaries for the area, and this included a very well attended meeting in March at The Grove Club where we held full consultation. We used the responses form he attendees to create the rationale for the proposed Consett Area Map, and it informed our Consett Area Neighbourhood Forum application. 

Join Us

The Consett Area Neighbourhood Area Forum is in its early stages of creation- we currently have 74 members, including five Durham County Councillors, to represent each ward in the Proposed Consett Area. If you would like to join the Forum, the main criteria is that you have to live and/or work in the Consett Area. Please complete the online application.

Our Long Term Aim

The long term aim is to create and implement a Consett Area Neighbourhood Plan. Which will help to protect the town from unwanted developments and give the community and local businesses an input into how the town in developed.

‘we need more amenities, spaces for young people, community spaces need to be renovated, there’s so much we can do – and we are far stronger if we can do this together’

Christine Thomas, who is the lead applicant for the Consett Area Neighbourhood Forum

Have your Say

Here is the link to our formal application for the designation of the Consett Area and for the Consett Area Neighbourhood Forum

A formal consultation on the application will run from the 11th August and comments should be received no later than the closing date of 5pm 22nd September 2023.

If you wish to comment on this application, representations regarding the proposed Neighbourhood Area can be made via Email to: or alternatively by letter to Regeneration and Economic Development, Spatial Policy Area Planning Team, Room 4/24, County Hall, DH1 5UQ.

Community Events

Our aim is to hold further community events to give people an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of what we want to achieve. If you would like any further information, please contact Christine Thomas, email: 

Image showing the impressive turn out to the first Consett Area Forum meeting at the Grove and Moorside Community Centre (Image taken by Darcie May Anne Rawlings)
By Darcie May Anne Rawlings.

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