The investing landscape has changed significantly in recent years. Once reserved for wealthy professionals, better access is allowing regular people to earn profits their way.

And such opportunities are set to increase with the launch of Tradu’s new cutting-edge trading platform.

Tradu is here to provide a seamless, comprehensive trading experience that marks it out from its competitors. Its community will have over 10,000 tradeable assets at their fingertips – including more than 8,000 US stocks, over 100 commodities, and many popular index, forex and crypto markets.   

With over 140 analytical indicators and tools plus an average execution time of 18 milliseconds, traders have everything they need to move strategically and efficiently. Below, Tradu’s experts highlight the platform’s potential in the online trading marketplace.   

A seamless multi-asset experience 

“In order to trade the full stack of financial instruments available you’d usually need multiple accounts. With Tradu you can trade crypto, indices and more all in one place.”

Building such a diverse portfolio would usually mean transferring money between separate accounts and providers. But Tradu “…offer all of that under the Tradu name so it can be seamless – just make a transfer and trade within a couple of minutes.” 

Paresh Patel, Global Head of Trading at Tradu, celebrates its multi-asset access from a single login.

Maximising its traders’ capital

For Tradu CEO Brendan Callan, competitive pricing is another point that will give traders confidence in choosing them. 

“We’re extremely competitive across the board. Our CFD offering is commission free and we have a spread tracker which shows our spreads against competition…most of the time we’re going to have the tightest spreads available. 

“Pricing is important to our customers and giving them the comfort they’re with the firm with the tightest price 90% of the time is a big selling point.”

Serving the sophisticated trader

The flexibility Tradu offers to different traders is also key to its appeal. Users can enjoy a high-leveraged CFD experience, for example, alongside non-leveraged crypto stocks better suited to longer-term investing.  

The platform doesn’t patronise its users either, reducing the risk of financial irresponsibility. Craig Mischel, Tradu’s MD of Product & Strategy, comments that “…we’re not gamifying it, we’re giving access to the markets and tools as quick as possible to allow you to make the best decision”.

Realising global ambitions

Tradu’s platform also proudly provides 24/5 trader support in some 15 languages, highlighting the company’s global outlook. 

With offices around the world, Tradu’s Global Head of HR Teodora Rangelova celebrates the company’s efforts to get “…people from different countries together, learning from each other, sharing experiences and applying those to the rest of the world.”   

Combined with the backing of leading global investment firm Jefferies, these features and a forward-thinking view are likely to make Tradu a popular choice on the market. 

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