Richard Holden MP was delighted to host PC Helen Hall at the Houses of Parliament. PC Hall is a dedicated Metropolitan Police officer and a former resident of his constituency.

PC Hall was brought to Richard’s attention by a letter from her father, a Consett resident, who shared his daughter’s outstanding achievements. Richard extended a personal invitation to PC Hall, who has also served in the army for 9 years.

Richard became aware of PC Hall through a letter from her father, a resident of Consett, who highlighted his daughter’s remarkable accomplishments. Subsequently, Richard personally invited PC Hall, who boasts a commendable nine years of service in the army.

PC Hall, who joined the Met Police two years ago, has been honoured with three Borough Commanders Commendations (BCC) for her extraordinary response to numerous dangerous incidents. Notably, one of these commendations was awarded for her heroic assistance to two colleagues who were stabbed in Leicester Square.

During the debrief of the incident, PC Hall emphasised the critical need for front-line officers to be equipped with bleed kits. Her advocacy did not go unnoticed, and thanks to her tireless efforts and campaigning, every response officer is now trained and equipped with this essential life-saving kit. PC Hall’s commitment to the safety of her fellow officers and the community is truly commendable and serves as an inspiration to all.

During their visit to Parliament, Richard had the privilege of showing PC Hall around the iconic building and discussing its rich history and significance. The tour provided an excellent opportunity for both sides to exchange insights into the challenges and rewards of public service.

PC Helen Hall’s visit underscored the unwavering dedication of military families to our nation’s security. Her husband, Darren, an Iraq veteran, and a former Scots Guardsman, along with their two children, embody the values of service and resilience, serving as an inspiration to our community.

The visit of PC Helen Hall to Parliament serves as a reminder of the importance of honouring and supporting our servicemen and women, as well as those who have dedicated their lives to public service.

I had the honour of meeting PC Hall’s father during Remembrance Sunday, and her remarkable journey, dedication to the Met Police, and advocacy for officer safety made me keen to invite her to share her experiences with us at Parliament.’ 

‘It was a privilege to welcome such dedicated individuals to Parliament. PC Helen Hall’s story is a testament to the importance of public service and the sacrifices made by individuals and their families.’

‘I commend PC Helen Hall for her service and resilience, and I hope her visit to Parliament was both enjoyable and informative.’

Richard Holden MP

‘I was deeply honoured to visit Parliament at the invitation of Richard Holden MP. It was a fascinating experience, and I’m grateful for the chance to discuss the importance of public service and the safety of our officers and community’.

PC Helen Hall

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  1. Well done Helen , your a very special lady , it’s an honour to be able to say I know you , the Met are lucky to have you in their ranks . 👍🏻


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