Winter Gaming Review - Forza Horizon

Coming up to the end of the year, the video game industry is in full swing trying to push their new offerings off the shelves and into the homes of millions of people worldwide in time for Christmas. There is something coming out for everyone in the winter with a huge selection available for all types of gamers from hardcore fans to part time players. Be certain to check out which games we think are going to be worth the hard earned cash this winter.

Our pick for the Xbox 360 would have to be Forza Horizon. This open world racer is a departure from the standard racing game on the market where instead of being on the track, you are thrust into a world of 100% real mapped roads where you have to race in a number of events around this racing sandbox. This has been done before with the Test Drive Unlimited games but when coupled with the realistic physics which Forza has to offer, this is a truly amazing concept.

This winter also sees the reintroduction of the Halo series to Xbox which is being continued by 343 Industries over Bungie. Microsoft have taken a big interest in the newest adventure into the Halo universe making sure that all of the games new features and story are congruent with that of the original titles. The Halo games have generally been the big sellers of the Xbox world and this newest instalment will not disappoint.

The big winter gaming news is the release of the new Nintendo console the Wii U. This development of the mighty Wii features a new style of controller which actually works as a double screen set up like that which in the Nintendo DS handheld systems. New Super Mario Bros U is one of the titles which will be available upon release and is sure to drum up some major interest in Nintendo’s newest console. Be sure to check out our favourite plumber and his group of friends in this traditional side scrolling adventure game.



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