How many people know what job the ECU performs on your car? The ECU or ECU from an automobileelectronic control unit is an amazing piece of equipment which allows a car to run and drive in the way which the designer originally intended. This sophisticated piece of equipment is essentially the brain of the car which controls all of the regular systems which allow the car to run and drive to the best of its ability. It makes sure that everything in the car is operating as it should whilst providing a safety net in case anything catastrophic should happen. With specialist tuning skills it is possible to reprogram your car ECU to provide a better daily driving experience.

There are many factors which need to be assessed when retuning an ECU. Depending on what you want from the tune there is a huge range of different ways which an ECU can be optimised. If you are looking for more performance from your car it is possible to change the engine’s fuel and air flow to provide higher horsepower and torque values. Whilst you can make your car faster through an ECU tune, it is also possible to increase fuel economy.

A lot of people are looking for ways to save money on their car running costs and a retune could be the answer. By changing the way your car utilises the power available it is possible to cut running costs significantly over the year with a 20% increase in fuel economy.

By getting an ECU remap, it is possible for you to have your car driving the way you want. Take control of your car today.

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Chris Brown
Christopher Brown is Consett Magazine's lead journalist. Chris enjoys meeting with a whole host of different people to report on what's happening in Consett, Co.Durham.


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